ORCHARD Flower Swan Cutter Set and Moulds Review

ORCHARD Flower Swan Cutter Set and Moulds

Set comprising cutters made of hard plastic, and molds with a cushiony foam-rubber feel, all designed to help you make an entire gumpaste swan. Text with detailed steps included. Each part of the set in identified by a number. The two flame-shaped cutters, for making the side wings, are Orchard Swan Cutters SW1 and SW2. SW1 is 40x69mm. SW2 is slightly smaller, measuring 35x60mm. The pointed-oval-shaped cutter is Orchard Swan Cutter SW3. Its for making the feathers and measures 10x50mm. The comma-shaped mold is Feather Veiner SW4 and measures 85x60mm. The two rectangular pieces are together called Orchard Mold SW5. Both imprinted with the swan head and neck, they are almost identical to each other, except one has nubs and the other has dimples, so that the two of them fit together as two halves of a set. They each have an overall rectangular size of 26x55mm.

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